Sabudana Vada

“Sabudana Vada” “Sabudana Vada” is a traditional deep fried snack very popular in the Maharashtra, in Western India.These deep fried vadas are very crunchy on the outside and have a really soft core, usually served along with Green coriander chutney and a cup of hot tea.Not to forget Sabudana Vada is also a preferred snack during religious fasting …

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Rassewale Aloo ke Subzi

“Rassewale Aloo ke Subzi” “Rassewale Aloo ke Subzi” is a very simple yet delicious potato gravy dish which is prepared with boiled potatoes in a tomato gravy. It gets its unique taste from Bhaja masala, a blend of roasted Indian Aromatic spices.  Its a quick and easy recipe and goes well with Roti, paratha, puri, Luchi Ingredients Potato, …

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Aloor Dom (Spicy potato curry)

“Aloor Dom” “Aloor Dom” is a tangy and spicy potato curry usually served as a side dish along with Luchi . Its a staple vegetarian dish from Bengal. Originally “Aloo Dum”or “Dum Aloo” is  a Kashmiri Dish but its very popular in West Bengal, here it gets a distinctive taste or the  Bengali touch as its cooked …

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