Raw mango

Chunda / Chundo – Gujarati Mango Pickle.

“Chunda / Chundo – Gujarati Mango Pickle”  Chunda or Chundo – A Traditional Gujarati Mango Pickle made with Raw mangoes. Its sweet, its sour and hot too… This recipe is from my mom who actually learnt it from my Massi (my mom’s sister), who had amazing Gujarati neighbours….in fact she called them her extended family. …

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Aam Pudine Ke Chutney (Raw Mango and Mint Chutney)

“Aam Pudine Ke Chutney” As summer is setting in there are Mangoes, Mangoes and more Mangoes, just cant miss out on this simple and our childhood favourite…..grandma ‘s Aam Pudine ke Chutney…Aam Pudine Ke Chutney is a simple chutney made with Raw Mangoes and Fresh Green Mint creating a soothing tangy taste. This tangy, hot, …

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Bharwan Karela

“Bharwan Karela” “Karela”or “Bitter gourd” is one vegetable which is not relished by many because of its bitter taste, though it has numerous health benefits too. It is considered to be a great home remedy for diabetics, an excellent blood purifier and used for treating acne.As a kid my first reaction to Karela used to …

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