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Vegetable Toast Cups

“Vegetable Toast Cups” Vegetable Toast Cups are wholesome and healthy appetizers made with whole wheat bread and vegetables. Its a great alternative to sandwiches and bread pizza and can be made at a short notice with just a few ingredients.The best thing about this is that  these are easy to make and you could get …

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Green Peas N Tomato Rice

“Green Peas N Tomato Rice”  Green Peas N Tomato Rice is a spicy and tangy preparation of rice. Its not only easy to cook but quite flavorful too, I have used chopped mint and coriander leaves which add freshness to the dish.A great option for the lunch box and is loved by kids too. Ingredients …

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Carrot and Beatroot Cutlet (Kolkata style vegetable chops)

“Carrot and Beetroot Cutlet” Carrot and Beetroot Cutlet, these are Kolkatta style Vegetable cutlets 0r Vegetable chops as they are commonly known in Kolkatta, completely different form the regular cutlets we are used to have with carrots, beans, potatoes, peas etc. Its a typical Bengali dish, and one of the most popular vegetarian street snack.During …

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