Palak Methi Aloo ke Subzi

“Palak Methi Aloo ke Subzi” Palak Methi Aloo ke  Subzi is a very easy and simple dish made with Spinach, Fenugreek leaves and cubed potatoes. There is nothing fancy about this dish its just flavored with garlic, sova or dill leaves and just a few masalas. My mom usually adds a small amount of dill …

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Shalgam Aur Palak Ke Dal

“Shalgam Palak Ke Dal” “Shalgam Aur Palak Ke Dal” is a popular North Indian dish which is very nutritious and quite easy to cook.As winter starts approaching the local vegetable markets are flodded with these fresh green leafy vegetables, however I had not tasted Shalgam Ka Sag or Shalgam Greens until I visited my Inlaws …

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